Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thanking Jacquard!

When I first started to experiment with my rubber stamps (a decade ago) one of my favorite finds was Pearl Ex.  This magic powder was used in a special technique and I searched for a collection of Pearl Ex to add to my rubber stamping tool box.  Happily, Michael's Craft store sold a kit and I used my coupon to purchase a great starter collection.
I am so pleased to announce that Pearl Ex will be a daily staple in my my RESIN tool box!
I have been using pearl ex powders to colour my resin....but now I have many new reasons to get my powders set up front and centre in the studio.

Pearl Ex is manufactured by Jacquard.  Jacquard Pearl Ex is a safe, pearlescent, non-toxic, inert powdered pigment that exhibits extreme colorfastness and stability, ideal for interior and archival applications. It has a use for every artist, from watercolorist to auto painter, faux finisher to rubber stamper.
They have a brand new blog which I have linked to and you'll be seeing numerous posts this year linking to their site.  

I want to take this opportunity to THANK THEM for sending me enough powder to last a lifetime!  They are also providing me with Pearl Ex for my classes at the Craft and Hobby show.  I am so happy to be working with them in 2013!

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