Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Envirotex Lite and Wozza Ghm Furniture Restylist

 Today I am sharing some fabulous images from a furniture designer in Ireland who uses Envirotex Lite.  Meet Wozza Ghm Furniture Restylist.

"Hi, my name is Warren I live in Banbridge, N. Ireland. My new career in furniture restyling/up-cycling is a wonderful opportunity to reduce landfill and have unique furniture and a chance to put my skills into practice. With the help of Envirotex Lite pour-on resin I now have that resource to encapsulate my ideas such as my printed circuit board coffee table."
 Warren is on Facebook if you would like to see more.

New vintage Kitchenalia and collectables at Vamp - 09 January 2013

Pink metal vintage dolls chairs  
Height – 51cm

Green and white striped Goodhope Ware bread tin. Well worn, but full of character!
35cm x 25cm | Height – 20cm

Vintage Humphries  biscuit tin. Childs birthday party
25cm x 17cm | Height – 10cm

Pair of vintage wooden shoe lasts
Length – 29cm
R185 for the pair 

Vintage bottle with original green lid. Excellent condition
16cm x 16cm x | Height – 21cm

Ceramic vintage horse head wall hanging
Approx 22cm x 12cm

Pair of Hornsea (England) bud vases
Diameter – 4.5cm| Height – 9.5cm
R85 for the pair 

White vintage enamel funnel with handle
Diameter of funnel  - 12cm

Various children’s vintage annuals
R45 each 

Wooden crate with empty Marshals cool drink bottles
43cm x 27cm | Height – 21cm
R 95.00 

A pair of wooden Dunlop racquet press’
21cm x 20cm
R55 each 

Frankie Magazine Issue 50 just arrived - 09 January 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

EnviroTex Jewelry Clay - The First Tutorial!

The Coffee Break Ring
Designed by Carmi Cimicata for

Featuring our new EnviroTex Jewelry Clay

This is the ring idea I will be demonstrating at the Craft and Hobby Show.
This ring could be made on your coffee break! 
It only takes a few minutes to make if you have all your supplies ready.
Mix a small portion of Envirotex Jewelry Clay, which is also known as “resin clay.”  This clay cures solid and waterproof in 24 hours.  No kiln or oven required.
EnviroTex Jewelry Clay has excellent adhesive qualities so you can place your items at various angles and be confident that they will cure in place.

Using your pick-up tool (Embellie-Gellie) you can embed crystals around the base of your ring.  Press your items into the clay gently.

Finally, the clay can be coloured by simply brushing a Pearl-ex powder of your choice onto its surface.

Supplies Needed
ring blank
miniature cup, cupcake or donut
pointed back crystals - Preciosa
pick-up tool - Embellie Gellie

    Monday, January 7, 2013

    Announcing EnviroTex Jewelry Clay!

    This is indeed a momentous Monday!
    Today, I can announce that Environmental Technology Inc. (ETI)
    is launching a new product in 2013.

    I hope you have two minutes to watch the video.

    Here is a little bit about our new clay:

    Professional results are easy to achieve with EnviroTex Jewelry Clay®!  
    This clay is a blend of premium epoxy and clay powders resulting in a smooth porcelain like surface that will not shrink when cured.  This advanced formula is easy to mix, has a long working time and cures to a hard, durable and impact resistant product.  EnviroTex Jewelry Clay® has excellent adhesive qualities and will bond to most surfaces including glass, metal, wood, etc.  Once cured, EnviroTex Jewelry Clay® is waterproof, heat and chemical resistant.

    In the video, I told you that they clay is launching this week at the Craft and Hobby show. We are demonstrating the clay and I am teaching the first class where 50 students will sample and work with the clay for the very first time.  I can't wait!

    We are also participating in an extra special event:  The Craft and Hobby Innovations Showcase. 

    I can also make a second big announcement today. 

    Celebrity media judges have selected EnviroTex Jewelry Clay 
    as a HOT 20!  This means we are in the running for Product of The Year!  I am so excited that something I believe to be fabulous is being recognized by the industry as exciting too!

    This is what Jewelry Clay will look like when it makes it to your local craft store.  ETI is just finalizing packaging for Canada and we'll know more about where you can purchase Jewelry Clay after the Craft and Hobby show.  
    This year I will be showing you fantastic new techniques for using the clay in combination with our other resin products.  I also plan to surprise you with the many different things you can create with Jewelry Clay!

    Friday, January 4, 2013

    Thanking Stampendous!

     Many of you may not know that my return to being an artist full time was after the purchase of one rubber stamp.  
    One stamp lead to a drawer, then a cupboard then a huge collection.

    I have missed my rubberstamping.

    Working as much as I do with resin and jewelry making, I have not had as much time to devote to stamping.

    That will change in 2013.
    Stamping friends, say hello 
    to Resin Crafts Blog!
    This past year we had a wonderful collaboration with the Stampendous design team.  (We'll have another one in 2013 if they can squeeze me in!)  Stampendous has supplied me with clear stamps for my classes at the Craft and Hobby show.  Next week I'll show you why you and I will be dusting off our rubber in 2013!  I have linked this blog to Stampendous's blog and will remind you that they have a super fun Facebook page too!

    Thursday, January 3, 2013

    This weeks furniture stock at Vamp - 04 January 2013

    Mid-Century Frystark sideboard in Ash
    Length – 181.5cm| Depth – 45.5cm| Height – 76cm

    Mid-Century sideboard in Japanese Oak by E.E Meyer
    Length – 123cm| Depth – 48cm| Height – 87cm

    Retro bookshelf with glass sliding doors in Mahogany
    Length – 91.5cm| Depth – 25.5cm| Height – 92cm

    Pair of retro Duros armchairs. Re-upholstered in Hertex fabric
    Height of seat – 45cm| Height of back – 80cm| Size of seat – 49cm x 53cm

    Vintage enamel top kitchen table with wooden legs
    102cm x 64cm| Height – 77cm

    Similar to the previous photo, but this time a vintage enamel top kitchen table with enamellegs
    114cm x 69cm| Height – 77.5cm

    Small solid Oak drop side bureau
    Length when extended – 96cm| Length not extended – 67cm|Depth – 38cm| Height – 74cm

    Bright yellow Kartell plant holder
    Diameter – 25.5cm | Height – 25cm

    Thanking Embellie Gellie

     Here is another great item I can recommend to you for 2013.  I'll be using mine all the time in future projects and in photos.  This is the Embellie Gellie - the quick pick up tool for small embellishments!
    Before the holidays I contacted Amy Roszak the owner and inventor of this amazing tool.  I am so grateful she agreed to supply my classes at the Craft and Hobby show next week with a pick-up tool for every student.  
    I have been testing and trying all the pick-up tools that are currently on the market.  
    What makes Embellie Gellies so great is that you simply mold the "gellie" onto the wand.  When that gellie is no longer tacky, you replace it with a fresh new piece.  Genius!!  Embellie Gellie is sold via  I am linking to their blog and have "liked the Facebook page too!

    Wednesday, January 2, 2013

    Thanking Jacquard!

    When I first started to experiment with my rubber stamps (a decade ago) one of my favorite finds was Pearl Ex.  This magic powder was used in a special technique and I searched for a collection of Pearl Ex to add to my rubber stamping tool box.  Happily, Michael's Craft store sold a kit and I used my coupon to purchase a great starter collection.
    I am so pleased to announce that Pearl Ex will be a daily staple in my my RESIN tool box!
    I have been using pearl ex powders to colour my resin....but now I have many new reasons to get my powders set up front and centre in the studio.

    Pearl Ex is manufactured by Jacquard.  Jacquard Pearl Ex is a safe, pearlescent, non-toxic, inert powdered pigment that exhibits extreme colorfastness and stability, ideal for interior and archival applications. It has a use for every artist, from watercolorist to auto painter, faux finisher to rubber stamper.
    They have a brand new blog which I have linked to and you'll be seeing numerous posts this year linking to their site.  

    I want to take this opportunity to THANK THEM for sending me enough powder to last a lifetime!  They are also providing me with Pearl Ex for my classes at the Craft and Hobby show.  I am so happy to be working with them in 2013!