Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Festive Bezel Imagery

Hello everyone!  Are your holiday resin gifts complete yet?  I am still working on one or two projects.  I thought I would share this unusual bezel shape with you today.  This is one of Amate Studios new summer bezels releases.
 You might notice that my paper and bezel are sitting on a mouse pad.  
My bezel is an unusual shape, so I am going to press my bezel to the paper on the mousepad.
 It is hard for you to see, but my paper now has a great impression from the bezel.  I can cut out my image now and it will fit in the bezel.
 I have applied three coats of Aleene's Matte Decoupage to seal my paper image. I am letting this completely dry overnight.
Studio doggie will wait with me so we can continue the project.

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