Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Miniature Resin Molds

 These little Envirotex Lite resin picture frames are about one inch and a half inches tall.  
I have had to put my goal to work in miniature to the side for a few years.  That doesn't mean I can't perfect some techniques that will be useful for my future miniature mansion.
 These tiny vintage copper frames are from an antique market in Paris.  I had a feeling I could make a really good mold of them with EasyMold silicone putty.
 I have been experimenting with EasyMold for a month now trying some new ideas.  I decided to test a few frame options.  I molded two of the copper frames and set them aside.  The molds cure in 25 minutes, but you need to let the mold rest for a full 24 hours before your pour resin into it.
 I also wanted to make a unique picture frame of my own design.  I glued rhinestone chain to a one inch square piece of wood.
 I pressed this into my EasyMold.
 The frame was duplicated perfectly.  
Next step: to make a batch of gold resin!
 I used Envirotex Lite Resin for this project because my molds are very shallow.  If they had been a deep or large mold I would have used EasyCast, the resin perfected by the company for mold making projects.
 I added gold pigment powder to my resin and poured it into my new frame molds.
48 hours later...three excellent picture frames!
I used metallic wax paste to add colour.  
These pastes allow me to "age" my resin duplicates.
 When my picture frames had the colour depth I liked it became very clear that my molds captured every tiny detail from the originals. 
 I have lots on 1 x 1 inch art to choose making final selections was tough!
 Here are my new miniature picture frames.  
One day, they'll be hung on a miniature wall!
The best part of this project?
Now that I have three new molds, I can make as many frames as I need!
EasyMold Silicone Putty – Platinum Cure
Easily create molds for small impression type objects! Odorless, Non Toxic. FDA Compliant, Food Grade.
EasyMold Silicone Putty is ideal for a wide range of impression type mold applications, including Castin’Craft Clear Casting Resin, EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy, wax, baking, chocolates, ice cubes, soap, plaster, air dry clay, concrete and low melt metals! EasyMold is a easy to use, Odor Free, Non-Toxic, FDA compliant – Food Grade, two component silicone putty.
  • Easy to use, 3 Minute working time, 25 minute cure.
  • Ideal for small molds, excellent detail from original.

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