Monday, October 1, 2012

EasyCast Fish Skeleton - Part One

How adorable are these fish?
They are not even finished.
 I look online all the time for interesting silicone baking and ice cube molds that I can pour resin into.  This skeleton fish mold caught my eye. (I found it on Amazon) 
I began my project by pouring a little clear EasyCast into the head area.  Clear resin always highlights what is underneath it and I wanted the fish face to glow a little.
 The next day I mixed a larger batch of EasyCast and added red and yellow opaque pigment to it.
 I almost missed a bone.  I watched my resin settle and then let my mold cure overnight.
Here are my fish 24 hours later.  I will let them continue curing flat on my work table and while that is happening do something special with the eyes.
Results tomorrow!

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