Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Skull and Bone EasyCast Necklace - Repost

 I get a lot of emails asking me what I do with the finished pieces I show on this blog.  This week I thought I would show you why I use EasyCast to make molded items which I can then quickly and easily incorporate into something wearable.  
I hope you liked the skull and bones I made. On their own they would be fun to use as game pieces.  I drilled some holes into the cast items and connected them.  I also added some crystals to make them a little more edgy.
 Now I have a very cool necklace for Halloween!
This really is a sugar and spice type idea!  I know I won't bump into anyone who has a necklace like it.
EasyCast made it possible to make these items simply and in the colours of my choosing.  
They cured in 48 hours and are ready to wear!

Part One of this series.
Part two of this series.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How To Make a Tissue Paper Backed Bezel - Part Two

Here is the finished pendant!
Yesterday I needed to make sure my decoupage medium was completely dry.  Then I added a thin layer of Jewelry Resin into my pendant.  The tissue paper is now strong enough to hold the pour!
I also applied a glaze layer to the back of the pendant.  This is how tissue paper becomes strong enough to hold resin in a frame.

Monday, October 29, 2012

How To Make a Tissue Paper Backed Bezel - Part One

 This thin frame pendant featuring a bird is very pretty.
I am going to turn it into a bezel so you can see how resin can act as a super strong glaze.  This thin tissue paper will become very strong.
 I also wanted to try working with a new (to me) decoupage medium.  As you can see from my picture I am letting my frame pendant sit in a layer of glue which I have applied to a small piece of the tissue paper.
 When the glue was dry (clear) I cut away the excess tissue and applied a second layer of decoupage medium to the back.  I let this dry.  It is best to always let glues dry overnight before your pour resin on them.  The tissue paper is already very strong with just this decoupage medium!
Today I will let my decoupaged tissue dry.  I also added a few dried flowers.  Tomorrow I will show you what I do next!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Bottlecaps to Wear!

 In yesterday's post you saw a quick glimpse of this second bottle cap I made.  I used Japanese paper and glitter glue around the edge before I poured in Envirotex Lite resin. My charm was a dangle, so I cut off the top loop.
The pin attachment allows me to wear this on a scarf or in my hair.

New furniture this week at Vamp - 26 October 2012

Vintage Readers Digest Great World Globe on wooden stand
Diameter of base – 18.5cm| Height – 42cm 

Imbuia Art Deco drinks/display cabinet
Length – 100cm| Depth – 36cm| Height – 138.5cm

Beautiful retro solid Kiaat cheval mirror
Length – 54.5cm| Depth – 44cm| Height – 156cm

Tall, polished and sealed metal vintage set of drawers
Length – 27cm| Depth – 37cm| Height – 142cm

Single Kiaat wood bedside table with mint accented drawers
Length –57cm| Depth – 38cm| Height – 52cm

Dark grey ornate vintage mirror
69.5cm x 44cm

Woven red and white chair on metal frame
Height of back – 78cm | Height of seat – 40cm | Seat 44cm x 47cm

Set of 6 retro Mahogany dining chairs re-upholstered in grey
Height of seat – 45cm| Height of back – 80cm| Seat – 44cm x  36cm

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bottle Cap Key Ring

 I have made several new bottle caps this week.
 This cap features some copper pearl Opals.  I have had a small package of it for a very long time and wanted to see how it would look in resin.  Of course, the key charm is the theme. I placed these inclusions into my cap and then poured in Envirotex Lite.
My key chain is done!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

EasyCast Engagement Ring!

 I am sure this ice cube tray is meant to be used as a fun addition to the drinks served at an engagement party.  Why make ice when you can make a big resin bauble?
 I made my pink engagement ring with EasyCast and some red and white opaque pigments for colour.
Here is my bauble as a decoration on the gift!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Envirotex Lite in Plastic

 Occasionally when I add a cheap plastic rhinestone to my resin/bezel projects it completely dissolves.  That is not the case for all plastics...just very cheap items.  So I was curious to see if I could pour resin into these plastic rings.
 I bought a bag of these inexpensive rings. 
I do not know if they are plastic or acrylic. 
 I placed them on super sticky tape so that I could pour in resin.
 My first pour of Envirotex Lite created the clear back.
 Then, working on the cured first layer, I added some stickers and a charm and finally the second pour of Envirotex Lite.
When everything had set for 48 hours, I peeled away the tape backing and now I have these fun new beads!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Michaels Website - Halloween Bezels

 The Michael's Crafts Stores website has this fabulous graphic running for the Halloween season. 
I really like it and was attracted to several areas of the image.
 So I printed the banner and made these two bezels!
 I placed the image in my bezel, sealed it, added some glitter marker 
and then poured in Jewelry Resin.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fabulous Resin Necklace Sample

I look for resin wearables wherever I travel.  
It just so happens, that most of my great pieces are from Paris, where the use of resin is much more prevalent in one of a kind jewelry stores.  
This necklace was from a Paris department store.  Although it is not a peice I would normally wear, I thought the necklace showcased a number of techniques I have yet to try.  Look at the stitching around the main pendant!
 I love how these sections were attached.
 Fibers and resin!
Even the links were interesting!

New furniture this week at Vamp - 19 October 2012

Mid-century Kiaat Sideboard
Length – 163cm| Depth – 45cm| Height - 81cm

Polished metal drawers with bright red accents
Length – 27cm| Depth – 37cm| Height - 48cm

Hot pink vintage metal in-tray
Length – 38cm| Depth – 23cm| Height - 19cm

Retro Sapele wood extendable table.
Extended: 210cm x 89cm| Height – 74.5cm
Not extended: 165cm x 89cm| Height – 74.5cm

1950’s E.E Meyer solid Japanese Oak stool
51.5cm x 33.5cm| Height – 42cm

Round Imbuia ‘Binnehuis’ coffee table.
Having never had one of these in the shop before, we have been lucky enough to find 3 in various places in the past weeks!
Diameter – 123cm| Height – 41cm

Set of 6 ladder-back Binnehuis Imbuia chairs (including 2 carvers) re-upholstered in a grey and white flecked, textured fabric
Height of seat – 45.5cm| Height of backrest – 93.5cm| Seat – 53cm x 41.5cm