Monday, September 24, 2012

Sequins and Halloween Resin - The Do-Over

I am so happy to feature my "do-over" halloween project!  
My sequins are embedded perfectly!

Last week, for some odd reason I glued my sequins onto the first layer of resin I poured and allowed to cure in the mold.  The glue on the sequins dulled the images and made my final pieces look messy.
This time, I poured EasyCast resin into my mold.  
I allowed it to "set-up" and gel for a few hours (3) and then I simply placed my sequins onto the resin
I also shook some glitter and glass beads onto the sequins.  I let this cure overnight.
The next day I added more EasyCast and filled the molds completely.
Ta Da!!

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