Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sequins and Halloween Molds - What Not To Do!

 The resin gods have not tripped me up in a while.  I received a large dose of "what not to do" this week.
 I wanted to showcase these very cool sequins in resin.  My EasyCast cured beautifully, my mold worked without issues, but my sequins are a disaster.  These samples are going into the trash so I am not haunted by my mistake.
 You can not put glue on 
a sequin and expect 
it to look fabulous.  
It is common sense really.  The sequins are so shiny and the glue dulls it in a way that is not precise or even.
This would have been a great sample. 
What bothers me is that I have done this before.  I have a note posted on my sequin box now reading..."Careful not to let glue onto sequin front!!"
Here is the back of one piece.  I placed my sequins face down into glue.  The backs remained clean, and as you can see...they look fabulous under EasyCast.  Lesson learned.  AGAIN.
Halloween Cabochons - Part One
Halloween Cabachons - Part Two

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