Friday, September 14, 2012

New furniture this week at Vamp - 14 September 2012

Tall Sapele wood chest of drawers with light grey drawer fronts
Length – 63cm| Depth – 44cm| Height – 107.5cm

Sapele wood cabinet with original ceramic handles and red accents
Length – 76cm| Depth – 38.5cm| Height – 85cm

Red Formica kitchen table
150cm x 90cm| Height – 76.5cm
Set of 6 red and cream Formica chairs with a floral pattern
Height of chair back – 82cm| Height of seat – 45cm|Seat – 39cm x 37cm

Apple Green Kartell waste paper bin
Diameter – 24.5cm| Height – 24.5cm

Desk top multilevel metal in-tray in red
Length – 37.5cm| Depth – 22.5cm| Height – 27cm

Desk top multilevel metal in-tray in tangerine
Length – 38cm| Depth – 23cm| Height – 33.5cm

Original oval deco mirror with a beveled edge and new chain.
35cm x 61cm

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