Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jewelry Resin - Making Roses and Testing New Ideas!

 I just finished this necklace last night.
Can I have some applause please?
This rose themed necklace is a real experiment!
 Let's begin with some inspiration.  
This is a wood rose pendant.  It is $ pricey $.  
I really like it but it is so heavy that I am having a hard time figuring out what to string it to.  
I wanted a lighter red rose pendant.
 This is a mold for fondant.  Normally, candy molds and resin don't do well together.  Surprise.  This one is great! I have been working and testing the new Jewelry Resin and I don't like to waste a drop.  So last week whenever I had extra, I added a red pigment to it and poured it in a mold.
 These molds are shallow...perfect for Jewelry Resin which is designed to be used in bezels.  
Here is my first red rose!
 I have another rose mold for baking miniature rose shaped brownies (accept no brownies were ever baked.) I only filled these cavities to about the 1/3 depth mark.
 That's how I ended up with these new red roses.  
Then I discovered something interesting.  The bigger rose was matte and the smaller ones were very glossy.  Clearly, the mold type effects the outcome.
 I wanted all the roses to be glossy, so I applied a glaze of uncolored Jewelry Resin to the matte rose and voila...they match!
 Here is how I choose to string them together.
This necklace is what happens when you take the time to experiment with resins, colorants, molds and ideas.  I learn by making mistakes. Happily, these experiments all worked out well.   Hope you like it!

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