Friday, January 6, 2012

Jewelry Resin - For Men!

 You might wonder what Mr. Resin Crafts Blog receives when holidays and birthdays appear on the calendar.
He loves cuff links!!  I like to think the sets I make are the most unique in his collection.  
Michael's Craft stores has a great line of bezels and happily I can report they included some cuff link blanks in the collection.
 This set was made with pictures of our dog Magnus when he was a puppy.  I used the new Jewelry Resin to complete the project.
 I made a second set featuring our boy as he is now.  He's handsome!
I did want you to know that I did have a bit of a craftastrophie!  I was in a hurry to finish this project and did not do my customary three layers of protective paper coating with Ultra Seal.  Lesson learned.  See the stain I circled?  This happens when resin penetrates the paper in any area not sealed.  Luckily I had a back up set of cuff links and I was able to make a second one.  I'll challenge myself to do something with my mistake!

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