Monday, January 30, 2012

valentines gifts at Vamp...

1 + 2 - "Hello" and "Robots in Love" silk screen print. (42 cm H x 29.7 cm W ). Limited edition prints, signed, dated and numbered by the artist. Framed @ R750.00, Unframed @ R490.00

3 - Reu the Robot handmade soft toy @ R210.00

4 - Lauren Fowlers x stitch hoops @ R350.00 

5 - Small ceramic Babushka @ R120.00 (approx 6.5cm x 12cm)

5+ 6 - "Hello" and "Robots in Love" silk screen print. (42 cm H x 29.7 cm W ). Limited edition prints, signed, dated and numbered by the artist. Framed @ R750.00, Unframed @ R490.00

7+ 9 - Georgette the Robot totes. They measure 41cm x 43cm @ R345.00

8 - Ceramic heart at R240.00. Approx 13cm x 13cm

10 - Gwen loves Harold dolls with hearts @ R250.00 (closed eyes) and R280.00 (open eyes) 

11 - Love bunting @ R135.00

Thursday, January 26, 2012

this weeks new furniture stock at vamp...

Tall metal cupboard in tangerine 
(L – 45.5cm, D – 45cm, H – 191cm)

Vintage City Council Meranti/Mahogany desk top organiser with multicoloured accents 
(L – 147cm, D – 30cm, H – 38cm)

Retro Kiaat bedside table with drawers in grey accents
(L – 60cm, D – 47cm, H – 60cm)

Low vintage cabinet (great for television screen) with white accents
(L – 80cm, D – 37cm, H – 57cm)

Nest of two brown plastic Kartell side tables (the plastic is scuffed)
(Biggest table : D – 45cm, H – 57cm)

Solid Meranti coffee table with wrought iron hairpin legs 
(L – 83cm, D – 44cm, H – 38cm)

Retro Sapele coffee table with shelf
(L – 118cm, D – 53cm, H – 40cm)

Rectangular teal vintage mirror
(54cm x 62cm)

Oval tangerine vintage mirror with beveled edges. Makers mark Atsonea, England.
(48cm x 76cm)

Sapele/Kiaat room divider with cream and red accents
(L – 143cm, D – 43cm, H – 123cm)

Vintage kitchen unit in mint and cream with Bakelite handles
(L – 107cm, D – 40cm, H – 170cm) 

Original vintage General Electric chrome light fitting and white glass shade
(D - +-26cm, L- 70cm incl. rod)

Very big vintage print! Brass plaque reads ‘Red Cape’ by John De Kay. Frame original by Perco Picture Framers
(97cm x 123cm)

A set of 6 Kiaat Art Deco dining chairs with white backs and charcoal textured upholstered seats

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

new kitchenalia and collectables at Vamp...

Red enamel Finel Kettle @ R435.00
Bottom Diameter - 10.5cm, Height - 13cm

Tin tray @ R65.00
Diameter - 28cm

Orange Salter scale @ R265.00

White Krups scale @ R265.00

Blue stripe Opalex bowl @ R110.00
Top Diameter - 16cm, Height - 10cm

Yellow dish @ R55.00
Top Diamter - 22cm, Height - 5cm
Small yellow vase @ R30.00
Middle Diameter - 8cm, Height - 7cm

Pink plastic bowl with lid @ R75.00
Bottom Diameter - 15cm, Height - 13.5cm

Ice cream scoops @ R140.00 each 
Length - 19cm

Vintage chocolate box (Prestige chocolates by Humphries) @ R45.00
20cm x 28cm, Height - 3cm

Kilograms and pounds, hanging scale by D.B.G.M (Germany) @ R85.00
Length- 24cm

Yellow enamel teapot and coffee pot @ R145.00 each
Teapot: Bottom Diameter - 16cm, Height - 13cm
Coffee pot: Bottom Diameter - 11cm, Height - 15cm

Jewelry Resin and More Buttons!

 I thought I would share a few more button ideas with you.  I successfully worked in these plastic buttons earlier this month and did a blog post about them.
These buttons were given to me by John Bead, a bead and jewelry wholesaler who is one of the sponsors of our workshops at the Craft and Hobby show in California this weekend.
 They really are bright and big!
 All I do is seal my paper properly with Ultra-Seal and the Jewelry Resin does the rest!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Creating Metallic Resin

One of our regular blog readers; Diana Brandt asked me about metallic paint colours with resin.  
There are several ways I get metallics on or in my resin.  
If my piece is already cured I use Gilders Paste to add metallic highlights.  
If I want my peices to cure a metallic colour I add colour to the resin in the mixing stage.
The sample above on the left is Envirotex Lite and silver powder and on the right Envirotex Lite and silver acrylic paint.
 When I have a batch of resin mixed I add in my paint.  Just a small dollop.  The acrylic paint I am showing here is very thick.
 The acrylic paint can "break up a little."  See how my cured piece has speckles?  You only see this up close and quite frankly, I like this effect.  Different acrylic paints and different add-in techniques can create different results.
 I prefer to add powdered metallic colours to resin.  These powders are sold by various companies; Pearl Ex and Polished Pigments are my own favorites.
A few reminders.  When you add extra colorant to resin you also add air and and you can effect the cure process.  Be sure to experiment.  I once added way too much powder and my resin cured very soft.

new vintage kitchenalia and collectables at Vamp...

Arabia (Finland) salt pot @ R285.00
Length - 17cm, Height - 13cm

Cathrinholm of Norway enamel dish @ R300.00
Length - 34cm, Depth - 23cm, Height - 6cm

3 x Melamine and chrome ashtrays @ R185.00 for the set
Each - 10cm x 10cm

J&G Meakin 'Fascination' dinner service (Great Britain) 
6 side, 6 fish, 6 dinner plates, gravy boat and saucer, milk jug, platter @ R750.00 for the set

Ceramic Alsation clock @ R145.00
Length - 45cm, Height - 27cm

Ceramic horse and foal @ R145.00 
Length - 25cm, Height - 33cm

Pair of black ceramic horses @ R125.00
Length - 20cm, Height - 18cm

White ceramic horse @ R125.00
Length - 12cm, Height - 22cm

Brown ceramic horse @ R85.00 
Length - 10cm, Height - 22cm

Handpainted Kingsway ceramic horse (slight chip on the glaze on ear) @ R45.00
Length - 10cm, Height - 10cm

Duck ashtray @ R85.00 
Length - 10cm, Height - 11cm

70's orange glass ashtray @ R55.00 
Diameter - 25cm

Sarome Piezo Electric table butane gas lighter @ R285.00 
Diameter - 7cm, Height - 14cm