Monday, December 5, 2011

Plumbing Supply, Recycled Card and Envirotex Jewelry Resin!

 I have the greatest new embellishment to share with you today!
 I found this copper bezel (I have no idea what plumbers use it for) in the plumbing aisle in Home Depot.  Later that day I opened our Christmas decoration boxes and found all the cards we received last year tucked in a bag.  I hate to throw them away and try to recycle some annually.  I liked this black and white lantern scene.
 I choose the portion of the card I wanted to embed in resin.  Then, I applied some black marker ink to the edge of my copper bezel and used it as a stamp.  Now I have a perfect circle to cut and I know that it will fit in the bezel!
I sealed my image as I always do.
 Then I pulled out my Envirotex Jewelry Resin.  I am testing this product for the ETI which is why I have these plain bottles on my work table.  One of the things you will read on the new packaging is "EnviroTex® Jewelry Resin has amazing bubble release."  And it does!
 This is my bezel filled to the brim immediately after I mixed and poured my resin.  Lots of tiny bubbles from mixing!
This is my bezel when I came back to check on it 15 minutes later.  Not one bubble!
This new resin is fabulous!

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