Monday, November 28, 2011

Words In Resin - Book Text

 I wanted to share with you a few techniques I use to get text and lettering to float in resin.  I am also continuing to experiment with the new product Environmental Technology Inc. is launching in December: Envirotex Jewelry Resin! 
These are some bottle caps I prepared for my demos.  I placed some pretty paper embedded with dried flowers into the bottom of each cap.  The paper was protected with mod-podge and then I covered this first layer with a thin pour of Jewelry Resin.  I hope you can see that I poured resin into the cap to about the half way point and let that cure.
 One of my favorite creative exercises is to just take a page from an old book (not an important book) and find words or letters that make a sentence or statement.
 I glued these words onto that top layer of resin and protected them with several layers of mod-podge.  Each time I let the glue dry clear before I applied another protective coat. 
Then one last layer of Jewelry Resin was poured over the words and now they look like they are floating in resin!
I am so impressed with the clarity of the new resin!

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