Thursday, November 17, 2011

new furniture stock at Vamp this week...

Imbuia 6 drawer desk with yellow, grey and white accents 
(L – 128cm D – 53cm, H – 77cm)

Sapele Mahogany cabinet with red doors 
(L – 92cm, D – 33cm, H – 89cm)

Sapele Mahogany bedside table with grey accents @
(L – 40cm, D – 34cm, H – 67cm)

Electric blue metal stand, originally to hold brochures, but would look great holding a series of photos or prints! 
(L – 53cm, H – 125cm)

Vintage fruit and flower print in a lovely old frame 
(86cm x 44cm)

3 x Industrial metal shades 
(D – 41cm, H – 37cm)

Sapele Mahogany coffee table 
(L – 121cm, D – 50cm, H – 40cm)

Bright pink ashtray stand 
(L – 56cm)

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