Monday, November 21, 2011

Envirotex Jewelry Resin And Dried Flowers

 In case you missed it, last week I announced that ETI was launching a brand new resin for jewelery artisans!  It will be in Michael's Crafts stores this December.  (I'll keep you posted here on dates and prices.)
I have been working with an advance batch and creating some samples for this blog and the company.  My experiments have been amazing.  
I thought my dried flower artist readers might like to know that it performs spectacularly!
The added UV resistance is so important too.
I made this sample in a wood bezel.  I did three pours.  The first pour covered my vintage paper base and dried flowers.  The second allowed me to add gel marker outlines.  The third pour covered up my paint dots.  Each layer is clear as glass!

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