Friday, October 7, 2011

Two Pours - One Embellishment

 I did one last test in the mold I made this week.  This pink and black piece above is the result of two different pours into the same mold.
 When I made the mold I only needed the floral section.  The pink is the original and the red is my first resin duplicate.
 However, when I pressed the original into silicone putty I did include the frame.
 I planned to pour resin into the floral part for the pieces I wanted.
 But yesterday, just as I was about to pop out the cured pink duplicate I had an idea.  Why not test the frame section too?  I made a small batch of EasyCast and added black pigment to it.
 I filled the mold.
The frame is not perfect....but it makes my piece look even more vintage than the original!  I'll add some gilding to this and make it look even better!

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