Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Paris Tin - Part One

 This week I want to focus on creating a permanent keepsake.  This old tin was found in an antique market in Paris.  Only I would know that.  When I see it it makes me happy.
 When I opened it I found these additional keepsakes.  I plan to use them in another project.  At first I planned to turn the tin into a pendant.  It was a little too fragile and every time I open it it seems like it might snap.
 So I am going to open it permanently by adding some art and inclusions into the tin's two halves.
Step one was to select an image and protect it with several layers of mod podge.  
I glued in some rhinestones too.
Step two was to do a "first pour."  
I want to fill these sections slowly and add a few things along the way.  I am using EasyCast resin.
The first pour has cured overnight.
Guess what?
My rhinestones disappeared!  All you see is their base.  That's because the rhinestones were plastic....it doesn't happen every time...just when I least expect it.  Ordinarily I only use glass rhinestones.  So learn from my mistake!  Today I'll work on a repair and my next layer.  See you tomorrow!

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