Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Miniature Water Vessel Molds

 This is my idea of a water vessel.
 I found these two ceramic pitchers at an antique market and love the relief images.
 I decided to make a partial mold.  I only need one side of the vessel for my projects.
 On Monday I showed you how easy it is to make a mold with ETI's silicone putty.  My first mold turned out fantastic.
 Alas.  I made an error on my second mold.  I pressed the pitcher too far into the putty and made a little hole at the bottom.  I opted to test the mold anyway.
 For my first "test mold sample" I made a small batch of EasyCast resin and added sky blue powder from the Luminarte line of polished pigments.
 I taped the bottom of the mold with the tiny hole and poured in my resin.
 Ta Da!  12 hours later I popped out these molded duplicates.  I then let my molded pitchers cure for the full 48 the 12 hour point they are partially cured and I can reuse the molds right away.
 I had a little sanding to do.  Resin does climb up the sides of the mold and sometimes you need to just cut or sand away these edges.
 I usually lay my objects flat on sanding paper and make sure my edges are even.  This side of the molded pitcher will not be seen, so I don't have to make it look perfect.
 The real test was to see how my molds did with the relief images.  To highlight them I pulled out my silver Gilders paste.
 The mold with the hole lost the central image...I was expecting that...but the other picture is wonderful!
What are you waiting for?  Make a mold!

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