Thursday, October 20, 2011

Faux Stained Glass With Envirotex Lite - Part Two

 Van Gogh lives here!  I hung my little hoops in my studio window.  It is such a dark and rainy day...and yet my faux stain glass glows with colour!  Imagine it on a sunny day!
 Yesterday I showed you how I applied Envirotex Lite to one side of the paper.
 Then I applied it to the other side.  Already the paper was brighter than ever!  The addition of Envirotex Lite does two things:  makes the paper brighter and adds UV protection!
 I wanted to remind you that as always, everything you use with resin must be thrown away.  I buy paint brushes anywhere I see them on sale.  It is helpful to keep a stash on hand!
I painted the wood hoops gold too! 

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