Tuesday, October 25, 2011

EasyCast Resin For Halloween Results

 Ta Da!
This is why I love EasyCast!  I mixed a small batch, added a pigment colour and voila!
 Yesterday I showed you how I bought this new ice cube tray and used it as a resin mold.
 I like ice cube trays because once the resin has cured you can push the finished piece out of the mold by stretching the sides.
 I have all these wonderful pieces!  I did notice a scratch mark on this one skull.  I was worried I might have scratched it when I pulled it out of the mold.
But I went back to the ice cube tray and I see that it is a slight imperfection in the tray itself.  EasyCast resin is phenomenal to work with....it picks up every teeny detail in any mold you pour it in to.
Tomorrow I'll start showing you what I am doing with my skulls and bones.

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