Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Bezel Recovery!

 Yeah!  I saved the kokeshi bezels!  
Whew.  I am so glad I kept my cool and didn't throw these away.
 Yesterday I showed you my over-pour incident.  It's been a long time since I have made a "resin mistake" involving all my bezels.
A few of you wrote in with ideas.  Thank you!  Here is what I posted back:
I do believe in this instance...I just over poured.  Usually when I want to add a "dome" I pour my resin into a squeeze bottle so I can carefully drip resin onto a surface.  This time....I just dribbled from a cup...too much, too fast.  Lesson learned....speed is not your friend with precision resin work!
 But you can easily save mistakes like these!  I let the resin cure for just under 12 hours.  At this stage it is still soft and easily trimmed with an blade or scissors. 
I ran my blade around the rim and peeled the excess away!
Isn't that a wonderful fix?  
You have to do it early though...if I had waited 24 hours I would have had to use a sanding tool.

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