Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Working in An Ice Cube Tray

 Following yesterday's single heart project I thought I would show you how I create a dozen hearts.
 I have several dollar stores in my area and they always release new ice cube trays.  This was the Valentine's ice cube tray and it was $1.
 I decided to work as through each opening was a regular bezel.  (Normally in a mold, the bottom becomes the top layer and you need to think backwards.)  My first pour of Envirotex Lite was tinted with red transparent die and and I added in a little glitter.  When this layer was cured I placed my paper heart and brass charm on top and then covered that layer with about 1/8 of an inch of clear Envirotex Lite.
They popped out very easily from the ice cube tray.  
 I did have some sanding to do. 
 My final step was to drill holes through each heart so I could add a simple wire attachment.
Twelve embellishments done simply and quickly.

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