Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Resin Good Enough to Eat!

 Here is a sweet finished heart that resembles a piece of candy.
 I have a half dozen of these molds in my studio and I usually pour any leftover resin into them.  They were purchased a few years ago in Michaels Craft Store.  I have a feeling they were meant to bake tiny cupcakes.  I never bake, so I am always in that section looking for interesting shapes to pour resin into.
 You can see the layers of leftover resin that accumulated over the last two weeks.
 I decided to glue a vintage German paper cutting to the top.  Then I mixed up a tiny amount of Envirotex Lite resin.  Recently someone asked if you could mix tiny batches.  Yes, you can mix up a very small amount...as long as you measure properly. (See this blog post for a "how to.")
 Even though I mixed up such a small amount, after pouring Envirotex Lite on my heart and the new art, I still had some leftover.  That I poured into the mold again.  I think you can see how every drop of resin I make gets used.
My finished piece is so pretty...but it does make me think about buying myself a box of chocolate!

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