Friday, August 19, 2011

Bezels You Create Yourself!

 These really are not traditional bezels.  For those of us who love to pour resin we normally seek items that have a solid back and sides.  I have discovered over the years a few ways to work in vintage findings like these.  There is the open back bezel technique that many of us learned from Susan Leonart Kazmer or Suze Weinberg who introduced me to the red line tape. And there is a new technique I hope you will say you learned from me!
 I have been testing and experimenting with apoxie clays this summer.  I have been mainly working with Apoxie Sculpt which is a two part system.  As you can see, I am rolling the clay to form a thin sheet, like I would do if it was polymer clay.
 I then place my open back objects into the clay and cut away the excess.  What is different about this technique is that the clay cures rock solid without the use of an oven.  I leave the objects on my table overnight and the next day I have a new solid back.
 I either paint or apply paper to the new back and when all is dry I pour in Envirotex Lite as usual.
Now I have two new pieces I love from two old items I found in my junk drawer!

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