Friday, July 15, 2011

Working in Silicone Bakewear - Part Two

Yesterday I gave you my resin recipe for working in a bakeware  pan.
I feel like I am creating a cool cake.
So, I am adding one more layer!
I mixed up a small batch of Envirotex Lite and added Opaque White Pigment.
Pour about 1/8 of an inch worth in each pan opening.  This is now layer four.
First layer:  Clear resin
Second layer:  Paper image
Third layer:  Red resin
Fourth layer:  White resin.
Just remember:  the fourth layer will be the bottom when I pop these molds!
Can't wait to take these out of the mold to see what I've "cooked" up!
See you Monday with my results!
They will either be fabulous or an embarrassing blog post to write up!

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