Monday, June 20, 2011

Vintage Resin Rings

 At the big antique market north of Paris there is a vintage findings, flowers and other unusual items stall I love to walk through.
 This year they had the most tempting display of vintage resin rings.  I purchased a ring last year so I did not buy a second one.  Now that I look at this picture I wonder why I didn't buy the white ring.  Ahhh.  I always have regrets when I come home and look at my pictures.
 This is the ring I already had.  It really is a big bauble ring.  Naturally, I love the dried flowers. 
 The best part is that this ring actually fits.  Most rings I try on are too small.  This one was perfect.  
I have even thought about making a mold of it.
Now my resin students will smile when I say this.  "Look at the air bubble over the red flower!"  
You just hold your breath when you release an object from a mold and hope that you don't see a bubble in an important place.   If you have any vintage resin jewelery I would love to see pictures of it!  Feel free to upload it to our Facebook page.

Tomorrow is our draw for the winner of our give-a-way!   
Good luck everyone!

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