Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Resin Stain

I am trying to think of these mistake pieces as a great opportunity to explain to you what happens when you don't properly protect your paper layers from resin.  Last week I tried to make a mistake on purpose for my blog post...but was not having much luck.  This week...oh boy.
These two bezels (there are six others) clearly illustrate a "resin stain."  I thought I had properly protected my paper and let it dry thoroughly before I poured in my Envirotex Lite.  Some areas are good...and some have a dark stain.  Clearly, I did not wait long enough before pouring in my resin. Its been really humid so my air conditioner is running full time.  I need to put my pieces in the sun to ensure they are thoroughly dried before I make an attempt to pour any more resin this week.

Tomorrow I'll show you the resin "over pour" and how to fix it.

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