Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Klimt Bezels

I am just going to say it right here.
These may be the best bezels I have ever made.
It didn't seem like much when I started but two pours later, I have something I really love.
 On Monday and Tuesday of this week I posted my progress making these bezels.  I had added vintage dried flowers and poured Envirotex Lite to just the brim of the bezel.
 Then I did a little more colouring on that surface.  I am amazed at how beautiful the dried moss looks in resin.  It really looks like it is floating in water.
 My final job was to add my dome.  I have shown you the doming technique in other blog posts.
I am really proud of these domes!  They are super high and I achieved this with just one last pour of Envirotex Lite yesterday!

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