Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Button Molds - Part Two

Here are my two finished buttons.  I did a post yesterday explaining how I used EasyMold Silicone Putty to make molds of antique buttons.  I also added Castin' Craft opaque pigment colour to Envirotex Lite to make the pink and black duplicates.
 After removing the new duplicate buttons I had a little filing to do.  I smoothed some edges and defined some details.
Then I pulled out my metallic rub-ons.  I have had these for years.  They are wax based and work beautifully on most surfaces.  (I like to highlight the raised edges of any clay work I create with these rub-ons.)
The best tool you can use is your finger to apply the colour.  I also used a brush to get into some of the lower areas.  The mold captures every single detail so my duplicates are excellent.
 Above are the originals and below my own new versions.
 I used some Resin spray to fix all the colours permanently.
 Isn't this detail wonderful?
 I hope this encourages you to make a few special molds of your own.
Now my art cards have very special one of a kind embellishments.

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