Friday, June 3, 2011

Molds With Silicone Rubber - Part Two

 My silicone rubber mold results are even better than I had planned!
After these two new molds cured I prepared them for their first resin pour by doing one test pour first.  Then I mixed up a batch of Envirotex Lite and added some opaque black pigment from the Castin' Craft family of colourants.
 I let these cure for almost two days.
 I had some filing to do.  For the piece on the left I wanted to remove part of the angel wings and for the one on the right there was a dangle from her head that I didn't like.
 After filing I pulled out my metallic rub-ons again (see blog post earlier this week).
 Coloring is the fun part!  I used a brush to give some details into areas my fingers could not reach.
 I did use a spray fixative to make sure the colours would be permanent.
 Here is one molded lady.  I did not want to do anything else to her so I added a pin back and made her a brooch.
 The angel lady I turned into a necklace.  Can't wait to wear this!
This week of mold making has been a fun one for me.
I hope you make a mold soon and send us a picture of your results!

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