Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Bottle Cap and Ice Heart

 Earlier this week I showed you the heart bezel I made a mold of.  For my first sample I coloured my Envirotex Lite so that my finished piece was pink.
 I decided to see what a clear heart bezel would look like.  The Ice Heart!  Wouldn't this be a great ice cube?  You could put some fruit into the bezel center.
The bezel is a perfect home for a bottle cap.  This one features a moon face I made with resin clay, two acorns my hubby found for me this week on a walk and a tiny vintage flower and bead.  I also poured Envirotex Lite into the bottle cap.  Since I had some resin left over, I used it to attach the bottle cap to the Ice Heart too!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Resin Over-Pour

 My bezel project on the weekend was jinxed.  That's why I had a post yesterday showing you "stains" and now I can show you the "over-pour."  Luckily, I have tips to help you avoid or fix these situations!  
This bezel had some stain on the green paper.  It was my fault for not protecting the paper properly.  So I covered those stains with some glitter!  Then I had to just pour a little more Envirotex Lite over the whole surface.  I poured a little too much and as you can see it pooled off the bezel.  In the past I would have moved my bezel away from the over-pour.  Now I just let it set overnight.
In 8-10 hours your resin feels solid, but it is not 100% cured for 48 hours.  At this point you can literally peel the excess away or use a scissor to cut it away.  Then you let the bezel cure like usual.  I threw away so many pieces until I discovered this super simple fix!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Resin Stain

I am trying to think of these mistake pieces as a great opportunity to explain to you what happens when you don't properly protect your paper layers from resin.  Last week I tried to make a mistake on purpose for my blog post...but was not having much luck.  This week...oh boy.
These two bezels (there are six others) clearly illustrate a "resin stain."  I thought I had properly protected my paper and let it dry thoroughly before I poured in my Envirotex Lite.  Some areas are good...and some have a dark stain.  Clearly, I did not wait long enough before pouring in my resin. Its been really humid so my air conditioner is running full time.  I need to put my pieces in the sun to ensure they are thoroughly dried before I make an attempt to pour any more resin this week.

Tomorrow I'll show you the resin "over pour" and how to fix it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

vamp is moving ...

We won't be posting new stock for the next couple of weeks as we are moving shop, but watch this space for all the details of the new shop opening. We are working hard to get things ready and can't wait to show you!

Envirotex Lite Mold Meets Envirotex Lite Pour

 I have a very unique new molded bezel to share with you today!
 I made this hot pink bezel from my own mold.
 I used some metallic rub ons to add some colours to this piece.  Then I added the paper image to the opening (bezel.)
 I protected the paper with three coats of Ultra Seal.  Then I poured in some Envirotex Lite (uncoloured) after adding a few embellishments.
 I was pretty thrilled with my results.  The top brooch is the original that I made a mold of.
 I could have left this as is.  Perhaps I could have added a pin back to keep it as a brooch.
 I went outside to photograph it with my assistant.
And then I thought why not show you one more thing?  I have been getting emails asking me how to turn resin embellishments into finished jewelery.  That is a huge question and I don't think I could answer it in any one blog post.  But I can show you some ideas.  Envirotex Lite, when cured is a wonderful substance to drill through.  I use a hand drill and it only takes a few minutes to have a beautiful and clean hole to work with.
Then it is just a matter of deciding what attachments to work with!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Beautiful Resin Jewelry Sample

 This necklace has intrigued me since the moment I saw it in the window of a Paris store front.  I knew it was resin but it definitely looks a lot like glass.
I love the embedded poem.  It carries across all the pieces in French.
This is resin genius!
  It inspires me to do great new things!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Case For Making A Mistake

 I have been trying to photograph a resin mistake.  I have gone out of my way to make the mistake just so I could have a teachable moment here on the blog.
 I wanted to show you why I always protect paper or fabrics with three complete coats of mod podge or a good gel medium before I pour any Envirotex Lite over it.  Three times is the charm.  Anything less and you get a stain on your paper, which I also tried to photograph.
 I made these three bezel samples.  The bird images are sweet and I was sure they would help me to show you the importance of good paper preparation.  So I coated one bezel's paper with three coats of mod podge, one with only one coat and the third had no protection at all.  I poured a layer of Envirotex Lite into each and then let my pieces cure.  I was so sure the bezel with the three coats of protection would work out that I even added some embellishments.
 Would you believe all three turned out perfect?  No stains, no obvious discolorations.  I could not believe it.  The resin gods were playing tricks on me.
 So I started another series.  The first Audrey is unprotected.  The second I used mod podge on one half.  The third Audrey bezel has three coats of mod podge protecting the entire paper image. 
 Success!  I mean failure!  YIPPEE!  See how discolored half the paper is on the first bezel?  You can see the side which was protected with mod podge easily.  The second one had no protection, so it is just a stained mess.
The one with three coats of mod podge is perfect!
Let that be a lesson!  Three coats is your best chance for perfection!

Just so you know, I have now switched to using Ultra Seal, a higher end multi-purpose sealer, glue and quick decoupage manufactured by Enviromental Technology Inc.  I know this product is not available everywhere, but I did want you to know this is my sealer of choice!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Spoon Too Good To Eat With

 You'll be rummaging through your kitchen drawers before you even finish reading this blog post.
 Last week I gave you a little explanation about how to work in a spoon with Envirotex Lite.
Well, I had a follow-up question.  So I thought I better show you.  In the third image above I encouraged everyone to pour one layer of Envirotex Lite resin into your spoon to create a flat surface to work on.  That resin cures and is permanently attached to the spoon in 48 hours.
 Then you can add images and embellishments.  You can even do some doming if you are patient enough to do three pours for this project.
 When you fold over the spoon you immediately create a dangle that a chain can go through.  If you fold it the way I show you in my sample you can also use the spoon handle as another dangle.  I made this hole so that I could attach my charm.
 Didn't that turn out great?  You won't be able to walk by an antique market without rummaging through their cutlery.  There are so many vintage and silver orphaned spoons to work in!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And The Give-A-Way Goes To.....

 At 9:01 this morning the generator selected blog comment number 256!

I had a lot of comments to count through!  The winner is Hope who left the comment below!
Hope, email me your contact information so that I can connect you with the great people at Environmental Technology Inc. who will be shipping your prizes to you! 

A very special thank you to Beckie from Infarrantly Creative for coordinating so many crafters who made these special projects featuring Envirotex Lite.  Their posts sent so many people to our site!  Thank you and hello to all our new friends!
An even bigger thank you to Environmental technologies Inc. for sponsoring this month of activity!