Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Resin Filled Journal Cover

I made this fabulous polymer clay ATC sized medallion in a class taught by Laurie Mika.  I had been wanting to learn about clay and knew that Laurie would be my type of mixed media instructor.  So I traveled to an art event in Wisconsin to meet her!  When I got home from the class I poured a little Envirotex Lite into the gold embellishment and my image just popped.
 I have placed this piece into a journal cover I cut into.
 Before I did,  I used a paper serviette to create the background.
Then I carefully poured Envirotex Lite into the opening and placed my polymer clay medallion into the centre.  The resin cured beautifully.  Now I just need to paint the edges of the cut sections to finish this book.  Envirotex Lite makes everything look fantastic!

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