Thursday, May 19, 2011

Resin Repair Work

A few weeks ago I had my first tutorial showing you how to work with an open back bezel.  The finished piece looked great from the front.
The back was a different story.  When I pulled the tape off the back of the bezel after the resin cured (the tape holds the resin in place when it is wet) I got this messy edge.  The left side is very uneven.  But I continued to work on the front of the piece hoping to repair this later. 
This week I completed the repair.  I poured one more layer of Envirotex Lite resin onto the back of the piece.  It domed perfectly and now I have a very finished smooth back.  I plan to wear this bezel on a necklace, so if the back ever becomes visible it will look as professional as the front.

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