Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Envirotex Lite and Paper Cupcake Liners

 Today I have a very sweet project to share with you.  
You can pour Envirotex Lite resin into cupcake liners!
Cupcakes are so popular in the baking world and your choices for cupcake liners are endless.  I found all sorts of polka dots and patterns and had a hard time just picking one package.  Cupcake liners are not just paper.  I believe that they have a little bit of wax on them which helps with the non-stick format.  Since the inside of the liner is white, you need to reverse the design by pushing the inside out.  You can see from my picture how pretty the outside is.  I really wanted the rainbow of colour to be showcased.
I choose to drop some one inch buttons into the cup after adding a little dollop of resin.  I am sure you can think of dozens of other items to place in the cupcake liner.  Words, buttons, pictures and other small embellishments are all great.  Just be careful that you don't overload the bottom.  Remember, you are working in a very thin paper bezel.
I attached magnets to the back of these.  The cupcake liners look great on a fridge door.  I think they are a wonderful kitchen decoration.
My inspiration for this project came from Claudine Hellmuth who has been adding little cupcake liners to her work for years.

Update:  Henry the 8th and wives are still curing. (See posts earlier this week.)

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