Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Envirotex Lite and Fairyopolis Rub Ons

I never waste a drop of resin after I mix it up.  I always have a mold or bezel close at hand where I pour in any left over resin.  In the case of my challenge last week, I had one muffin pan opening that I didn't need.  At the end of my pours I just let the remainder of the resin cure in this opening.
I wanted to make something special for a card series I have been working on.  This little rub on fairy fit perfectly on the surface of the resin.
After rubbing it into place I added some paint dots and a little glitter for her wings. I waited 2-3 hours to make sure these additions were dry.  Then I mixed up and poured a little more Envirotex Lite over this image and clear disk it was now sitting on.

 Now I have this sweet pendant.  Of course I could use it for a necklace or something wearable.
But I think it looks just beautiful on the greeting card.  The rub ons and cards are all from a special Fairyopolis Cardmaking Kit.  Now I have another fantastic embellishment and I did not waste a drop of resin from last week's projects.

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