Monday, May 2, 2011

Designer Challenge - Results

I am pleased as punch!
I have five new resin disks inspired by the one I saw in a Paris window last month.
My disks are a little thicker than I had planned.  When you work in a muffin pan it is hard to really judge how thick your finished piece will be.  That's all part of the fun for me though!
The colouring techniques all worked.  The green paint seemed to most resemble the original brooch.  I hope if this is your first time on this blog that you see the first two posts explaining how I added the green and black layers to these pieces.
Choosing which charms to add to the last layer was fun too,  I was going to only use dragonflies, but I prefer bees, so this disk is a favorite.
The charms were in fact added to the final layer of resin.  This top coat protected the black paint.
When the resin was already starting to cure, about three to four hours after I mixed it I added the silver charms.  The resin was thickening, so part of the charms stayed suspended which is what I was hoping to achieve.  This was an excellent project!  Now I need to do a little sanding on the edges of each disk and make some decisions about how I will use these pieces. 

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