Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Glazed Copper Project Part Two

Voila!  This is how I chose to attach the three pieces of copper I glazed with resin.
A few simple components added to a chain and I was done.
 Plumbers beware. Your copper section in the hardware store is about to be depleted!
Now in yesterdays blog I showed you how I attached the serviette to the copper pieces.  I don't like to waste anything and I definitely do not like to waste resin.
So I poured and then spread the remainder of my resin on the serviette which rested on my non stick surface.
 Peeled away a few days later I have this very interesting card embellishment!
 It looks like the card is wet!  To attach the resin soaked paper I just drilled little holes through the resin and the card back and then attached the two surfaces with these gold rivets.  No waste!

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