Friday, April 22, 2011

My First Real Piece of Resin Jewelery

 Like a lot of women I have been buying and collecting jewelery since I was young.  I have kept it all. I even kept the broken pieces my Mom or other women handed down to me and all the costume jewelery I bought in my 20's.  I have very special pieces that were gifts from my husband and the sentimental pieces that I received from girl friends.  Jewelery is like a scrapbook.  By holding a piece in your hand you can be transported to the moment you received it and the occasions where the items were worn.  So it is not a small thing to say this is my first piece of resin jewelery.  I realize now that a lot of the jewelry I own was made with resin or other plastics.  This necklace was the first one I owned where the artist embedded items in resin.  This was magic for me.
This necklace was made by Nina Bagley.  Her wearable art is called Narrative Jewelery and it is indeed special.  Everything she hand crafts is coveted by her many student and fan followers.  I know that I feel special when I wear her necklace.  I have had it for 8-9 years and it still makes me smile when I wear it.  If you have time to read her blog and Etsy site you will be transported to her world.  Fair warning though.  Her online shop is usually empty.  If she puts a piece on Etsy it is snapped up in moments.

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