Thursday, March 31, 2011

new stock at Vamp this week

Kiaat sideboard with black and white accents
(L – 182cm, D – 45cm, H – 81cm)

Sapele Mahogany Cheval mirror with white accents 
(L – 61cm, D – 46cm, H – 175cm)

Vintage desk with grey, cream and bright yellow accents
(L – 136cm, D – 75cm, H – 76cm) 

Rectangular retro Sapele Mahogany dining table
(L – 150cm, D – 90cm, H – 74cm)

Box framed and mounted vintage Union Castle Liner menus dated 1960 
(36.5cm x 43cm)
Original JH Lynch print, “Nymph”
(56cm x 75cm)

Original Tretchikoff print, “Dying Swan”
(78cm x 62cm)

Original Tretchikoff print, Pointsettia
(72cm x 62cm)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

new stock at Vamp this week

Sapele Mahogany cheval mirror / dressing table with cream accents 
(L – 85cm, D – 35.5cm, H – 167cm) 

Sprung vintage Cintique armchair by GH Stark, upholstered in a silvery grey textured fabric 

Small bookshelf with red backing
 (L – 78cm, D - 22cm, H – 75cm) 

Round Imbuia dining table
(D – 129cm, H – 77cm) 

Sprung vintage Cintique armchair by GH Stark, upholstered in a hot pink textured fabric 

Retro mirrors with brass frame
tapered (30cm x 60cm), rectangular (30cm x 46cm)

Yellow striped vintage suitcase
(L – 67cm, D – 41cm, H - 22cm)

Vintage (1962) David Sheperd print
(86cm X 61cm)

Small Tretchikoff ‘Mother and Child’ print
(36cm x 30cm) 

Dove grey cupboard / bookshelf 
(L – 108cm, D – 32cm, H – 123cm) 

Yellow metal filing cabinet
(L – 46cm, D – 62cm, H – 132cm) 

Hot pink metal shade
(Diameter – 43cm)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

vamp is open on the public holiday tomorrow

We will be open from 10am - 2pm tomorrow and are offering our usual public holiday gift to you of 10% off all purchases (except this weeks new stock) and free delivery in Cape Town. Hope to see you there :-)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

new stock at Vamp this week

Electric blue occasional table on castors with glass top 
(D – 60cm, H – 73cm) 

Sapele Mahogany display cabinet with glass sliding doors, glass shelves and mirror backing 
(L – 105cm, D – 30cm , H – 110cm) 

Ornate oval mirror in hot pink 
(97cm x 66cm) 

Wall mounted coat hooks and shelf in fire engine red
L – 75cm, D – 18cm, H – 20cm)

 Tretchikoff “Pointsettia” print in original frame
(74cm x 64cm) 

Arched mirror
(67cm x 25cm) 

Retro double bed headboard in bright yellow
(L – 225cm, D – 36cm, H – 92cm, space between bedside tables – 142cm) 

Desk with blue, red and yellow accents
(L- 121cm, D - 61cm, H – 77cm)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

new stock at Vamp this week

Retro desk with yellow, grey and cream accents and a glass top
(L – 107cm, D - 46cm, H – 77cm)

Red metal filing cabinet
(L – 46cm, D – 62cm, H – 132cm)

Pair of vintage sprung Cintique armchairs by GH Stark, upholstered in lavender 

Single retro dining chair upholstered in cream vinyl 

Vintage kitchen dresser in black and cream with original Bakelite handles
(L – 107cm, D – 45cm, H – 165cm)

Vintage cane chair 

Set of 3 box framed vintage prints of original sketches by H. Pulon
(goose and pigeon: 43.5cm x 28.5cm, bird:  33.3cm x 38.5cm)

Sorry about the pic quality, couldn’t avoid light reflections off the glass!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

new stock at Vamp this week

Beautiful Mahogany sideboard with electric blue doors and original handles
(L – 127cm, D – 50cm, H – 87cm)

‘Tina” by J.H. Lynch original framed print
(56cm x 66cm)

Bright yellow ornate oval mirror
(75cm x 33cm)

Very retro wood grain Formica covered sideboard 
(L – 181cm, D – 43cm, H – 77cm)

Vintage trunk
(L - 92cm, D – 52cm, H – 36cm)

Yellow milkmaids stool – Imbuia 
(D – 35cm, H – 40cm)

Vintage Brass framed oval mirror
(40cm x 59cm)

‘Chrysanthemums’ by Tretchikoff – original framed print 
(57cm x 104cm)

‘Pink Magnolia’ by Tretchikoff – original framed print
(57cm x 104cm)

Low round ball and claw tables in dove grey and cream – Imbuia 
(D – 42cm, H – 32cm)

– A set of 3 vintage stacking stools covered in textured hot pink fabric – Kiaat
(43cm x 43cm, height of single stool: 33cm, height of stack: 81cm)

1920’s Weltmeister button accordion

Gorgeous Deco pink milk glass jug and glasses set