Friday, December 30, 2011

One Last Post - Vintage Resin!

With the year end just around the corner I wanted to show you one last inspirational idea for working with resin.  I sure wish I knew who made this bracelet.  I bought it at an outdoor antique market.  That doesn't mean it is an antique....but based on the brass hinge component, it has been around for a while.
 This bracelet is made of two parts.  It opens nicely because of the hinge and sits on the wrist with the two front sections visible.  I wonder why I have not seen more of this style. 
The shell themed inclusions are spectacular.  This bracelet is like bringing home a Florida vacation on your wrist.  Today, given that we are in the snow belt and shovelling is a piece of jewelry that is making me day dream a little about the beach.  I hope to make something inspired by it in 2012.
Have a great New Year's Weekend Friends!  See you on January 2!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays....

Vamp will close for a short break from Sunday25th December and re-open again on Tuesday 3rd January
Happy Holidays and thank you for all you support throughout the year. You guys rock! 
Lots of love, Paula and Michael 

Envirotex Jewelry Resin And The Magic Christmas Tree Picture

 I sure hope this image made you smile!  Isn't it beautiful?
 Yesterday I was scrolling through hundreds of Facebook posts when this image from Peggi Meyer Graminski appeared.  It stopped me in my tracks.  I wrote to her immediately and asked her about the picture and if I could use it for a blog post.  Her response gave me just enough time to create this one last post before the holiday weekend:
Hi Carmi! Yes, that would be fine - the photo I started with was a public domain image, and then I altered it in Paint Shop Pro to make it more "magical." I am glad you like it.
 There was little for me to do.  After placing the image in this pewter pill box I protected it with several layers of mod podge and then I added glitter.
One pour of the the new Jewelry Resin was all I needed to complete this magical box.
Thank you Peggi!  Peggi sells her imagery online.

new furniture stock at Vamp this week ....

Mahogany sideboard with black accents and frosted glass sliding doors. Reconstructed from a vintage radiogram 
(L – 102cm, D – 37cm, H – 88cm)

Vintage Sapele Mahogany desk with black, cream and dove grey accents 
(L – 122cm, D – 61cm, H – 73cm)


Retro Sapele Mahogany dressing table 
(L – 144cm, D – 42cm, Height to top of dresser – 73cm/Height to top of mirror – 138cm)

Metal drawer cabinet in teal
(L – 46cm, D – 64cm, H – 132cm)

2 solid Imbuia milkmaids stools in red and blue
(Red: D – 29cm, H – 36cm/ Blue: D – 31cm, H – 42cm)

Small retro side table with grey top
(L – 35cm, D – 32cm, H – 42cm)

2 Imbuia armchairs on castors, re-upholstered in charcoal blue with cream piping

Set of 8 Kiaat dining chairs re-upholstered in grey textured fabric

Set of 6 Kiaat dining chairs re-upholstered in green textured fabric

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Little More Candy in Resin!

 Here is another fun bauble you can make with resin.  
This heart of resin is permanently showcasing real candy.
 I made it by using this mini cupcake mold.  I poured 1/8 of an inch of resin into the mold and let that cure.  I am not sure if you can see it in the top picture but I coloured the bottom resin orange.  I let that first pour completely cure.
 Then I piled in a bunch of these candy sprinkles and covered them in Envirotex Lite.  Now here is the possibly frustrating part.  All these tiny inclusions trap air....and you get lots of tiny bubbles...not caused by the resin but because the candy was added to this mold dry.  I don't mind this.  I babysit the resin for an hour or two and pop as many air bubbles as I can...but you just never know where air is trapped and when it might start to rise when you have this sort of a pile.
I am very happy with the colourful results!  
To learn more about colouring resin check out these links.

more rebound vintage plain paper notebooks at Vamp ...

Just unpacked a new batch of these little books which seem to fly off our shelves! Made from vintage story books, they are rebound with blank pages and make great journals and stocking fillers! From R160.00

new handmade soft toys at Vamp...

Just unpacked these handmade felt and fabric animals. They are so well made and gorgeous! 

Loogaroo the Lion @ R285.00

Reu the Robot @ R210.00 

Mango the Monkey @ R235.00

Fibi the Fox @ R235.00

Orli the Owl @ R85.00

Chatters the Chicken @ R105.00

Little soldier skittles @ R335.00 for the set

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jewelry Resin, Resin Bead and Candy!

 I have a "sweet" idea for you today!
Natural Touch sent me some amazing samples to play with and I did a project yesterday with several of their resin beads and a glazing technique.
 Today I am showing you what I did with a few of their resin slices.  It begins with a jar of candy sprinkles.  I saw some great shapes and colours and thought they would look great suspended in resin.
 I have demonstrated this technique for working in an open space already.  (If you look down the side of this blog you'll see a number of posts filed under "open back bezels.")  I set my slices on double sided tape and added a thin pour of resin to each.  By doing this I create a clear back.
 When that first pour cures I can add my candy inclusions.  I leave the tape in place to just give the back a little more strength.
 These are the candies I selected.  Then I did my final pour of resin and let everything cure a full 48 hours.
Once the cure is is very easy to pull away the double sided tape from the back side and you have these new pieces.  Candy suspended in resin!

new kitchenalia and collectables at Vamp this week...

Brass Unicorn @ R235.00 

Juice jug @ R65.00 
(H:19.5cm, bottom diameter:13cm)

Enamel Coffee Pot @ R245.00
(H:15.5cm, bottom diameter:9cm)

Yellow Continental milk jug and sugar bowl @ R145.00 and R55.00 
(Jug - H:12cm, bottom diameter:9cm
Sugar bowl: H:6.5cm, top diameter: 7.5cm)

Yellow ceramic hen @ R135.00 
(L23 cm x W13cm x H16cm)

Blue Continental sugar bowl @ R55.00
(H:6.5cm, top diameter: 7.5cm)

Midwinter Stylecraft, Fashion Shape side plate @ R45.00
(15cm x 15cm)

Venetian glass ashtrays from left to right
Purple @ R235.00 (12cm x 12cm) 
Blue and yellow @ R385.00 (14cm x 16cm) 
Red @ R245.00 (12cm x 8cm) 
Blue @ R245.00 (10.5 x 10.5)

Various plates from left to right
Peach Villeroy and Boch Santos platter @R85.00 (28cm x 25cm)
Blue Continental dinner plates @R55.00 (24.5cm X 24.5c
Blue Continental side plate @ R35.00 (17.5cm x 17.5cm)

 Blue and white striped tin @ R135.00 (H:25cm, D:17.5cm)

Colourful wooden bag with leather handles @ R45.00 (20cm x 33cm not including handles)

Fabulous vintage record singles @ R35.00 each