Friday, November 26, 2010

new stock at vamp this week

Retro wall unit with glassed in shelves, drawers and a cupboard in red, dove grey, yellow and cream accents 
(L – 190cm, D – 40cm, H – 147.5cm)

Pair of restored armchairs covered in a teal Hertex fabric

Tretchikoff “Chrysanthemums” print in original frame with brass name plaque
(99cm x 53cm)

Bright yellow milkmaids stool
(L - 40cm, D - 25cm, H - 37.5cm)
Small rectangular side table with grey accents
(L – 37cm, D – 26cm, H – 30cm)

Small round side table with cream accents and copper feet
(D – 28cm, H – 36cm)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

new kitchenalia and collectables

1- Small red patterned enamel milk warmer, Diameter – 9cm, Height – 5cm
2 – Small cream and green enamel loaf tin – 19cm x 14cm x 4cm high
3 – Cream and green enamel saucepan, Diameter – 13cm excl. handle, Height – 10cm
4 – Blue glass “Phoenix USA” casserole dish, 22cm excl. handles x 16cm x 13cm high incl. lid
 5 – Pink and black swirled vintage biscuit tin, Diameter – 23cm, Height – 8cm 
6 – Rose patterned vintage tea tray, Diameter – 35cm
7 – Parrot vintage biscuit tin, Diameter – 27cm, Height – 8cm
8 – Sweet bird on a boot figurine, Height – 8cm

Friday, November 19, 2010

new stock at vamp this week

Sapele Mahogany chest of drawers with black and white accents
(L – 91cm, D – 46cm, H – 84cm)
Square two shelved coffee table on castors. Lower shelf sprayed high gloss yellow.
(60cm x 60cm, H – 48cm)
Blue vintage suitcase (51cm x 55cm x 21cm )

1 x Retro dining chair with grey vinyl seat

Sapele Mahogany 6 drawers desk with black and red accents 
 (L – 151cm, D – 81cm, H – 71cm)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

new kitchenalia and collectables

1- Jug, Continental China SA, Diameter excl. handle – approx 9cm, Height – 13cm
2 – Jug, Burleighware “Windsor - Blue Mist” England, Diameter excl. handle - approx 9.5cm, Height – 10cm
3 – Jug, Continental China SA, Diameter excl. handle – approx 9cm, Height – 13cm
4 – Jug, Grindley “Mountain Pride” England, Diameter excl. handle – approx 7cm, Height 10cm

5 – Glass Jelly Mould – 6cm x 10cm x 9cm high
6 – Ice Cream scoop with wooden handle, Length – 19.5cm
7 – Corningware Saucemaker UK, Diameter – 17cm incl. handle, Height – approx 14cm incl. lid
8 – Glass Juice Jug – 29cm high
9 – Juicer, Pony Brand SA, Diameter – 10cm, Height – 16cm
10 – Stainless Steel bread slicer, Pineware, 33cm x 21cm x 20cm high
11 – Green Casserole with lid, Inside Diameter – 22cm, Height – 8cm
12 – Pounds and ounces scale (small jug to weigh ounces), Viking Industries SA, Diameter incl. ounce measure – 25cm, Height incl. bowl – 18cm

Sunday, November 14, 2010

giveaway time again!

This month we are doing another great giveaway with another of our favourite bloggers, Thaya Bedford from Beatnik Bazaar. Follow this link to Thaya’s blog and enter there. Have a browse around too, you won’t be sorry it’s filled with deliciousness! The prize: a gorgeous silkscreen print from Mengsel which we are now stocking at VAMP. Good luck!

Friday, November 12, 2010

new stock at vamp this week

Set of two Scandinavian style retro armchairs, upholstered in textured grey (seat) and cream (back)
Sideboard with black and white accents and original gold etchings on the glass sliding door 
(L – 137cm, D – 45.5cm, H – 81.5cm) 

Bright pink ornate framed mirror
(90cm x 54cm)

Fabulous vintage camping chair with wooden arm rests and original fabric
Set of four small side tables in yellow, grey, black and cream
(L – 35cm, D – 30cm, H – 40cm)
Small ottoman/ footstool with original maroon vinyl
(32cm x 32cm x 32cm)
3 x retro dining chairs re-covered in white vinyl
Vintage “Brood” enamel bread bin
(L - 34.5cm, D - 33cm, H - 25cm)

Framed swan tapestry
(65.5cm x 52cm)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

we have a winner

If you entered the Vampalicous giveaway to win this glossy red mirror from Vamp, then now is the time to head over to Vicki Sleet's iwantthat blog as she has drawn a winner! Good luck and a beeg thank you to everyone that entered, we had a fabulous response. Keep your eyes peeled for another great Vamp giveaway coming up very soon!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

new kitchenalia and collectables

1- Grindley, Cream petal, England, D – 15cm
2 – Royal Swan, England, D – 15.5cm
3 – No name, D – 15cm
4 – Paragon, England, D – 15.5cm
5 – J+G Meakin, Suncrown, England, D – 17.5cm
6 – J+G Meakin, Glamour, Jade, England, D – 17cm
7 – Johnson Bros, England, D – 17.5cm
8 – No name, D – 17.5cm
9 – Myott, Cortez, England, D – 15cm
10 – Ridgway Ironstone, Topaz, England, D – 17.5cm
11 – Pontesa Ironstone, Spain, D – 17.5cm
12 – Royal Albert, Gossimer, England, D – 16cm

Friday, November 5, 2010

new stock at vamp this week

Swivel chair upholstered in dove grey, textured Hertex fabric

Sideboard with yellow, grey and cream accents 
(L – 114cm, D – 45cm, H – 72cm)
Stool upholstered in a high quality silvery/grey vinyl 
(L – 51cm, D – 31cm, H – 41cm)
Larger stool upholstered in a textured silvery fabric 
(L – 62cm, D – 40cm, H – 50cm)

Round 6 seater extendable Sapele Mahogany dining table 
(extended: L – 153cm, D – 115cm, H – 74.5cm/ Not extended: D – 115cm)
Deco Mirror
(78cm x 34cm at its widest)

Sideboard/display cabinet with grey and cream accents and a glass sliding door 
(L – 135cm, D – 44cm, H – 86cm)
Set of 6 deco dining chairs with black vinyl seats and satin black sprayed chair backs

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

new kitchenalia and collectables

1- Flower patterned enamel basin, D – 51cm, H – 14cm
2 – Enamel coffee pot, D – 13cm, H - 21cm
3 – Vintage tin, D – 8.5cm, H – 13cm
4 – Enamel bread bin, 34.5cm x 33cm x 25cm high
5 – Corningware USA coffeepot, D – 15cm (widest), H – 13cm
6 – Coloured double dessert glasses, D – 12cm, H – 11cm
7 – Emsa West Germany oval melamine platter, 31cm x 18cm x 5cm high
8 – Vintage Nutrine rusk tin, 18cm x 11cm x 6cm high

9 – Empire England bowl, D – 24cm, H – approx 11cm incl lid
10 – British Anchor Staffordshire England bowl, D – 25cm, H – approx 12cm incl lid
11 – Woodsware Beryl England bowl, D – 25.5cm, H – approx 11cm incl lid
12 – Johnson Bros England bowl, D – 26cm, H – approx 13cm incl lid