Friday, October 29, 2010

new stock at vamp this week

6 drawer sideboard with yellow, dove grey and cream accents
(L – 132.5cm, D – 45cm, H – 76cm) 

Red and black vintage Moroccan pouffe 
 (D- 45cm, H – 24cm)
Meranti Club and Spade side tables 
 (35cm x 30cm x 45cm high)  

Sapele Mahogany chest of drawers with aqua accents 
(L – 79cm, D – 45cm, H – 93.5)  

Set of 5 Oak dining chairs in a silvery grey high quality vinyl 

Bookcase with teal accents 
(L – 91.5cm, D – 21.5cm, H – 95cm)

Radiogram in working order 
(L – 116cm, D – 37cm, H – 91cm)

Nest of two tables with cream and pistachio accents

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

mengsel now in the mix

We have been dying to share the good news with you, but had to wait patiently for our new stock of Mengsel designs to arrive and clear customs before we spilt the beans.
So there you have it, they are finally here and available from Vamp as of today!
Now based in London, talented South African born Luzelle van der Westhuizen is the creator of these beauties.
Using traditional silkscreen printing techniques the designs are transferred onto paper and fabric and are printed using waterbased inks, so no nasty chemicals down the drain.
I love them all, but those Robots in Love have a special little place in my heart. Thanks Luzelle for spreading the joy!
Come and get yours from Vamp now or drop us a mail to place your order ;-)

 Limited Edition Robots in Love silkscreen prints
 Limited Edition Leafy Heart and Tiny Towers silkscreen prints
Limited Edition Blomme Mark silkscreen prints
Moka Express and Retro Roosters cotton tea towels

new kitchenalia and collectables

1 - Ceramic deco container with bakelite handle and clasp, 20cm x 10cm x 13cm high
2 – Goodhope Ware cake tin, Diameter – 24cm, Height – 14cm
3 – Enamel stove top kettle, Diameter 22cm, Height – 27cm
4 – Enamel water jug, Diameter – 13cm, Height - 34cm
5 – Pink and cream toy car, 27cm x 10cm x 8.5cm high
6 – Two tin toy cars, 23cm x 8.5cm x 4cm high
7 – Pioneer tin toy train engine, 14cm x 4cm x 11cm high
8 – Red convertible toy car, 27cm x 10cm x 8.5cm high

Friday, October 22, 2010

new stock at vamp this week

Six drawer desk with grey, cream, black and yellow accents 
(L – 160cm, D – 75cm, H – 75cm) 

2 x armchairs newly upholstered in a gorgeous textured grey fabric

Extendable Beech dining table
(extended: L – 154cm, D -92cm , H – 75.5/ not extended L – 91cm)
6 x Beech dining chairs with new white vinyl seats 

Retro Oak sideboard 
(L 168cm- , D – 48cm, H – 87.5cm)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

best vintage furniture shop in cape town!

I was so excited to sit down with my new House and Leisure Magazine this afternoon, always such a treat! And it got sooooo much better when I saw that they had named Vamp as the Best Vintage Furniture Shop in Cape Town on the Best of SA list. Nice! Thanks House and Leisure :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

more bits and bobs

1. Nacco Denmark, Cast iron pot , Bright yellow, Diameter – 27cm, Height – 11cm
2. Ceramic jelly mould, Pale green, Diameter – 26cm, Height - 8cm
3. Duralex France, Mixing bowl, Orange, Diameter – 27cm, Height – 10.5cm
4. Finel Finland, Enamel kettle, Red, Height – 13cm
5. Acme USA, Herb chopper, Green lid and glass, Diameter – 8cm, Height – 22cm
6. Probus UK, Metricook, Cream and brown, Dimensions – 26cm x 14cm
7. Persinware Australia, Scale, White, Diameter – 17cm, Height - 21cm
8. TG Green Cornishware UK, Rolling pin, Blue and white stripes, Length – 45cm
9. Pyrex mixing and measuring bowl, Pale green, Diameter 26.5cm, Height – 11.5cm
10. Pyrex mixing and measuring bowl , Blue, Diameter – 18cm, Height – 9cm
11. Midwinter Modern Fashion shape “Hollywood”, Dinner plate, Dimensions 24cm x 24cm
12. Pyrex mixing and measuring bowl, Red, Diameter – 22cm, Height – 10.5cm

Friday, October 15, 2010

new stock at vamp this week

Retro sideboard with white accents
(L -137cm, D – 50.5cm, H – 77cm)

50’s kitchen unit in cream and tomato red with glass sliding doors and Bakerlite handles
(L – 107cm, D – 43cm, H – 179cm)

Sideboard with black and white accents
(L- 151cm, D – 45cm, H – 79.5cm)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

more bits and bobs

 1. Deco teaset - teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl
2. Boontonware USA - melamine gravy boats - height 8cm
3. Fireking USA - mixing bowl - diameter 20cm, height 10cm
4.Wedgwood UK - vase - length 32cm, height 10cm

1. Royal Doulton 'Kaleidoscope' - diameter 11.5cm, height 10cm
2. Set mixing bowls - small: diameter 14cm, height 9cm / medium: diameter 16.5cm, height 10cm / large: diameter 19cm, height 12cm
3. Midwinter  'Quiet Contrary' teapot, design by Jessie Tait - height 15cm
4. Eileen - melamine tea cups and saucers 

1. Sypholux - soda syphon - height 31cm
2. Lucia ware - vase - height 15cm
3. Waechtersbach Germany - cherry design milk jug - height 8cm
4. Stainless Steel butter dish with wooden handles

Saturday, October 9, 2010

vintage kitchenalia

I have been getting so many requests lately to post pics of the vintage kitchenalia and other bits and bobs in the shop, so I am going to be taking lots more photo's to keep you posted! All items can be couriered for those of you that don't live in Cape Town.

Friday, October 8, 2010

new stock at vamp this week

Oak veneer chest of drawers with white accents
(L – 61cm, D – 45cm, H – 78cm)

Dahlias in Greek Vase, Tretchikoff print in a white frame
(93cm x 47cm)

Nest of red wrought iron tables with glass tops
(Largest table: L – 50cm, D – 38cm, H – 59cm)

High gloss red pedestal with cut glass handles 
(L – 41cm, D – 37cm, H – 63cm)

Sideboard with midnight blue and lemon yellow accents
(L – 121cm, D – 46cm, H – 73cm)

Office swivel chair with original black vinyl

Childs red wrought iron chair
(Height -41cm)
Small fold up table
(L – 53cm, D – 38cm, H – 63cm)

‘Wood grain Formica’ kitchen table 
(L – 123cm, D – 67cm, H – 74cm)
Teal pot plant stand 
(D – 37cm, H – 115cm)

Friday, October 1, 2010

new stock at vamp this week

Vintage record stand with metal base and wooden shelves with white accents
(L – 183cm, D – 35cm, H – 81cm)
Oak pedestal with aqua accents 
(L – 47cm, D – 40cm, H – 72cm) 

Sapele Mahogany sideboard with white and grey accents
(L – 121cm, D – 46cm, H -72cm) 

Deco pedestal with cream accents and beautiful original detail on the woodwork
(L – 45cm, D – 37cm, H – 83cm)
Vintage ‘Brexton’ picnic suitcase (there are a few pieces missing inside)