Friday, January 29, 2010

the cutest bedside table in the world and more...!

This is the cutest bedside table I think I've ever seen! Its in our shop now as well as all these other new pieces...

(Length – 47cm, Depth – 41cm, Height – 66cm)

If you collect 1000's of decor mags like I do, you will find this may be the perfect place to stack them!
(Length – 113cm, Depth – 30cm, Height – 140cm)

Cool retro sideboard, perfect for DSTV, DVD player and of course the plasma...
(Length – 152.5cm, Depth – 40cm, Height – 75cm)

Retro display cabinet with mirror and glass shelves 
(Length – 104cm, Depth – 29cm, Height – 106cm)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

what a fabulous week!

Wow what a busy week its been...the shop was full and then empty and is now full again!! Here are some of the pieces we have been working on this week...

Midnight blue locker - personally I think it would make a fab bedside table!!(Length – 60cm, Depth – 35cm, Height–58cm )

50’s Airflex lounge suite with original vinyl (Single seater: Length – 78cm, Depth – 77cm / Couch: Length – 176cm, Depth – 77cm)

We found an old ball and claw riempie base without the riempies and a retro bookcase without legs.  Michael cunningly pieced them together and look what happend!!

Retro bookcase/cabinet with sliding glass doors on a ball and claw base in teal (Length – 99cm, Depth – 33.5cm, Height – 85.5cm)

Three small side tables with black metal legs and teal tops (Pair: 30cm x 30cm, Height – 38.5cm / Single: 26cm x 26cm, Height – 42.5cm)

Cool  retro side table with red top (Length – 48cm, Depth – 35cm, Height – 41.5cm )

Gorgeous Art Deco dressing table (Length – 163cm, Depth – 55.5cm, Height – 151.5cm)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

look at these sexy chairs!

I just l o v e  the bright vinyl chairs we have just revamped - almost kept them for myself! Take a look at the new stock in store this week...

Mid century chairs in red, yellow, turquoise and white vinyl

Chair in mustard fabric

Retro document tray in teal

4 – 6 seater dining table (Length – 137cm, Depth – 84cm , Height – 76cm )

Display cabinet with mirror back (Length – 112cm, Depth – 42cm, Height – 126cm

Friday, January 8, 2010

a couple of sideboards!

These two lovely sideboards have been revamped and are ready in store!
  • Retro sideboard/drinks cabinet with cutlery drawer and formica shelf for mixing drinks (Length – 135cm , Depth – 48cm , Height – 92cm)
  • Sideboard with black doors and ivory drawers  (Length – 127cm, Depth – 45cm , Height – 124cm )

Monday, January 4, 2010

gift vouchers!

Last year a few of our customers suggested that we offer gift vouchers and they are now available in store!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

vamp reopens after a fabulous break!

Here's to a very happy and successful 2010 everyone!
We took a little break over Christmas and New Year to recharge our batteries and can't wait to reopen the shop on Tuesday 5 January...nothing like a few days off to reflect over the past year and get those creative juices flowing for the new!!
Here are some pics of this weeks new stock, all available in store now;
  • Funky 50’s shelving unit in high gloss red, yellow, midnight blue and orange  (Length – 110cm, Depth – 35cm , Height – 79cm)

  • High gloss yellow ball and claw coffee table (Length –100cm , Depth – 60cm, Height –40cm)
  • Cute 50’s supper tray (Length – 59cm, Depth – 35cm, Height –25cm)

  • High gloss yellow 3 legged side table (Diameter – 28cm , Height –40cm )

Saturday, January 2, 2010

a few of our favourite pieces from 2009!


After many months of dreaming up our shop, we finally opened our doors on the 07 July 2009. Thanks to all our our fabulous customers, friends and family we are now living our dream and lovin' every minute of it!